Sunday, January 13, 2008

Corrado Parducci's Zodiacs

It is always interesting, at least for me, to speculate as to who chooses the various themes and symbolic content that is then carved on a building. Sometimes it is a building committee or patron, other times it's the architect and occasionally the sculptor gets to decide. I suppose that mostly it is some combination of (remember this one from Multiple Choice Test Questions), "all of the above."

So here and now we are going to look at several different versions of the 12 Signs of the Zodiac that Parducci produced. As is usually the case, if you wish to know where these can be found, wait for my book, "Shadowing Parducci'' to come out, or just leave something in the comments.

Check out more architectural sculpture here


Chhaya said...

WOW! cool pics! saw ur profile, u into Bollywood flicks these days! humm, i m from india. let me know if u wanna know some names of better Bollywood movies. on the other note, have u ever been to india? the old buildings here are full of the carvings. u will love them. i will soon post some pics of my own!!!

Love from India...

Unknown said...

I recognize one or two.